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Greetings, all! I have too damn many band shirts. I've sold off a few, but still have many that need new homes. If I don't find anyone to buy them, I'll be carting them off to a thrift store. I'd really prefer they go to fans of the bands then to sit gathering dust and possibly never be bought, but I just can't keep them anymore. If they aren't in your size or you don't see anything you like, please please PLEASE pass the word on to someone who may be interested! Or buy one as a gift for someone else! PM me if you'd like more details on a particular shirt. All are Adult Mediums and come from a smoke-free household. The A Perfect Circle slug, Tool red logo and KMFDM shirts have tour dates on the back. $7 per shirt, a little more if I have to ship it to you. Thanks in advance!

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