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Free stickers!
Hey guys...I'm  baaack! You might remember me from my last massive post. I'm here again with even MORE free stickers. All the info you need is below.

Here's the deal. I have a ton of stickers that I need to get rid of. I'm so desperate to get rid of them, I'm going to practically give them away for free. Behind the cut is a huge list of all the stickers I have. If you want a picture of one, just let me know. All I'm asking is .50 cents to cover a stamp. I WILL ship to other countries (in my last post I shipped to Australia, Singapore, etc) but I will have to charge you by the weight of the envelope, so it should be around $1. I will only accept Paypal and you can Paypal me however much you want! Last time some people were so generous they gave me more than .50, but I really don't want anything for them. I could throw them away, but I like giving people stuff they like!

You can have AS MANY as you want, even if its the same sticker and I have more than one of them, just tell me how many you want and it's yours. Reply here with what you'd like. It's first come first serve. My Paypal e-mail is LCORTESE AT ASU DOT EDU and you can e-mail me if you have questions! and my eBay username is ilovethemusic, so check out my feedback. I'm a 99% positive seller. Also, I have a few stickers and band shirts up on eBay right now, ALL starting at 1 cent. check it out here:

Easy process:

reply here with which stickers you want, I'll put them aside with your  username on them. When you Paypal me, PLEASE put your LJ Username in the comment box with the Paypal payment, so I don't get confused. Last time I had a lot of researching to do! I send them out the day you pay. Easy as pie!

Thanks guys!

...and you will know us by the trail of dead
alkaline trio (two same ones, black or white)
abandoned pools
as fast as
a change of pace
all-american rejects
across the universe (soundtrack, beatles movie)
avenged sevenfold
automatic automatic
the academy is...
brand new
brown records
botch (kinda beat up, but ok)
cartel (two different ones)
coheed and cambria (three different ones)
death by stereo
division of laura lee (2 different ones)
down to earth approach
daughtry tattoo
dropping daylight
deathwish inc (label)
dear and the headlights (2 different ones)
death cab for cutie
gavid degraw (magnet, not sticker! says I <3 Gavin Degraw)
fall out boy
the fray
from autumn to ashes
funeral for a friend (2 different ones)
the higher
international noise conspiracy
iron maiden
if these trees could talk (two different ones)
judas priest
linkin park
matchbook romance
metro station
no motiv
projekt revolution tour (Placebo, My Chemical Romance, Linkin Park, HIM, Taking Back Sunday, Julien K)
panic division
premonitions of war
prize fighter inferno
raised fist
raconteurs (front says consoler of the lonely)
receiving end of sirens (kinda beat up but ok)
rogue wave
rise against
story of the year
scary kids scaring kids
the slackers
regina spektor
sonic boom recordings
she wants revenge
sebastien grainger & the mountains
a static lullaby
still remains
triumph the insult comic dog
the mynabirds
the aggrolites
thrice (two different kinds)
unwritten law
von bondies
zumiez sticker (skate co)

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just wondering if these stickers are still available:

all-american rejects
the academy is
coheed and cambria (if one of each is possible, that would be awesome :D)
death cab for cutie
fall out boy
from autumn to ashes
matchbook romance
metro station
projekt revolution tour
she wants revenge
thrice (one of each again? :D)

just let me know! you are really awesome for doing this! thanks!
hi there, I have ALL of these except AAR, Academy is, emanuel, FATA, metro station, and I only have 1 thrice. is that cool?

i also have more not listed, like these:

new found glory, the blackout, heavens, chiodos, killing the dream, cold world, i set my friends on fire, millencolin, end of a year, deathwish inc, revelation records, no sleep records, bitter end, gwen stefani, piece the veil, ryan adams, tokio hotel, runner runner, our last night, vanna, the matches, escape the fate,, and a dead hearts button. let me know.
that is fine with me :)

ohh man. you are slaying me. in the best way possible. could you also throw in:

new found glory
i set my friends on fire
pierce the veil :D :D

let me know your email and i'll send you my shipping address and all that. my email is aminuteawayx[at]aol[dot]com
my email is lcorteseATasuDOTedu! when you send me your address and i get the paypal confirmation (send as a "gift" option, so i don't get fees taken out) i'll ship it out :)